Other areas survey

In the summer of 2009, we were preoccupied with the phenomenon of the “only” seahorse colony in Stratoni, so we decided to learn whatever we could about seahorse occurrences in Greece. We talked about it, we asked, we read and researched. After a piece of information we went to a certain beach in Rio to encounter them. We searched the entire area for two days but were unable to locate any. On the third day we departed when the weather took a turn for the worse. Maybe because of the weather conditions they had also left the spot.

Maybe because of the weather conditions they had also left the spot


Julius Glabedakis who is a professional diver, informed us that he had found seahorses in Stavros of North Crete, at a depth of approximately 30m, in the fall of 2008. He noted some information about the species, in particular that he refers sea grasses, and they appear in areas with current although they prefer sheltered areas. They can be encountered at shallow depths, but always below 8 meters in order to avoid the undercurrent. He mostly encountered them in the summer and fall in areas of North Crete.

seahorses in Stavros of North Crete – photos by Julius Glabedakis


After a piece of information we encountered on a website from a scuba diver, Phoivos, we departed for Kalamaki. Kalamaki is a small sandy beach with coastal vegetation, on the eastern part of the Korinthian Gulf. After following closely his detailed descriptions we swam and swam but to no avail. We had almost closed a 70minute dive but we did not manage to spot any seahorses. Disappointed and with heads turned down, I take a heading on the compass and begin our way back. Suddenly at 8 meters depth, I see him in front of me in habitat identical to the ones we had seen before. Small grained sand, meadows of seagrass and clear, nutrient rich waters. This specimen was a little bit different than the ones encountered at Stratoni.

Documented presence of seahorses with photographs have also been found from Patraikos gulf, in particular in front of the camping Tsolis. There, the seabed displays a sudden drop to deeper waters, it is rich in underwater life, fresh water and currents.

seahorses in Kalamaki of Korinthian Gulf