First Park Construction

Construction of “nest”- the meander (first park)
After the meander was completed, we experimented with the construction of different types of “nests” for the seahorses, using various materials. As a base we used a plastic mesh onto which we tied different small ropes with positive buoyancy. In another structure we only used tie raps. The plastic mesh was held down on the sea floor by using rocks from the surrounding area. Another prototype idea was to use a metal mesh as a base, like the ones used in floorboards or engine houses (nest no 5).
Conclusively, the artificial aquarium plants were mostly preferred (nest no1), but the most solid construction against the swell and undercurrent, the fishing gear and the harsh weather conditions were the metal grids. The metal grid, due its heavy weight could not be dragged, was quickly covered by sand blending in harmonically with the environment. However, it is expensive and we are not aware of the environmental impact it may have due to metal oxidation.
In a different spot we placed natural rocks, composing a rocky structure. The rocks were quickly turned in an octopus den, within a few hours.

Διάταξη των φυτών του ενυδρείου

Η φωλιά Νο2 με έναν ιππόκαμπο

Η φωλιά Νο2 με τον πρώτο άποικο

Η φωλιά Νο2

Η φωλιά Νο3 με έναν ιππόκαμπο

Η φωλιά Νο3

Η φωλιά Νο4 με έναν ιππόκαμπο

Η φωλιά Νο4

Ιανουάριος του 2017 – Αλιευτικό εργαλείο φαίνεται πως έχει καταστρέψει την φωλιά Νο3

Ιανουάριος του 2017 – Άμμος έχει καλύψει την φωλιά Νο5 – Η μοναδική κατασκευή που φαίνεται να αντέχει στο χρόνο

Κατασκευή των φωλιών με πλέγμα

Κατασκευή των φωλιών

Πείραμα κατασκευής με δεματικά

Συμβουλευόμενος την δημοσιεύση του Miguel Correia

Τα σχοινιά προσέλκυσαν αμέσως τους ιππόκαμπους

Τα σχοινιά προσέλκυσαν αμέσως τους ιππόκαμπους